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Momma OooOooOooh

It feels like I’ve prepared for a whirlwind adventure, but really I just finished packing for a weekend trip to my mother’s house. If I am honest, the scene of my preparations is far more reminiscent of The Beverly Hillbillies trip to California (with the exception of an elderly lady in a rocking chair perched atop my belongings). My mother and I don’t often do too much when I visit, but I have a good feeling about this trip. There’s something important or special about it I’m sure. The way her days off fall on the calendar, and the way my schedule is looking, It is unlikely we will spend a weekend together again until the end of October (and then, only if the weather stays nice). There’s something strangely final about this weekend. As such, I have compiled a suitably appropriate list of things I would like to do:

1. Hug Mom – (No, explanation ‘nuff said)

2. Play “Just Dance 2” with Mom – I bought her a Wii as a gift years ago, and while she has used it to her advantage in regards to helping her stay fit, she rarely has time for “fun games.” I long for the mother-daughter bonding that can only be brought about by complete embarrassment.

3. Draw/Paint – My mother is secretly a gifted artist. She rarely has time to indulge in painting, but she’s still pretty good. Hopefully, I can coerce her into some creative expression.

4. TAKE PICTURES! – I don’t know what of, but I feel the weekend must be documented.

5. Go Shopping (?) – Only if we go to Albuquerque. My mother is a delightful (read hilarious) and courteous shopping partner.

6. Walk the dogs – I do not know why the women in my immediate family, thought that we NEEDED herding dogs. We lead busy lives. OK, our three mutts DO have those herding breed brains that make training a delight, BUT they also have energy to burn! That said, my mom lives in a remote area with places that a person (and dog) could easily and happily let themselves get lost in the woods. I really hope we manage this; it’s good for all our souls.

7. Eat at Outback Steakhouse – No reason other than I have a gift card.

8. EARLY morning coffee and Bailey’s – We’ve had our best conversations, the most wonderful sunrises, and the best days when we manage to start the day out early together.

9. Embrace Groucho Marx Day – I don’t know why I remember this date, but Oct. 2nd is Groucho Marx’s Birthday. Oh but it gets cheesier. I have three variations of Groucho Marx glasses packed and in the car. The question is, will Mom and I be able to choose who gets to wear the ones that have the light up nose…


10. If we do go into town, I hope I can convince Mom to get cheesy photo booth pictures with me. I don’t know why, but I feel this must be done. Commemorative photos, for uh… posterity or something.